Recabinet 3.5.1 Windows Bug Fix Posted

We’ve updated Recabinet to version 3.5.1 on Windows to address a bug that was causing occasional dropouts and crashes in some hosts. This update is strongly recommended for all Windows users. Head to the download page to get the update.


  • Ricardo Berrio - October 24, 2013

    First of all I just wanne say that it both sound god and its easy to use. I installed 3.6 AAX on win 7 64. However I don´t use it because when I reopen a session some tracks where i’ve used recab are not producing any sound. This is happening randomly not to all tracks. I have to unload the recab and then reload it as an insert in pro tools 10 (hdx). Ofcourse this takes a lot of time and therefore i´m not using it wichs it a little sad and a waist. Do you know about the problem?
    I do inted to use it as soon as I can and I understand this thing kind of can happen so no bad feelings here.

    • kazrog - November 18, 2013

      We’re going to be issuing a 3.6.1 bug fix update for both Mac and Windows very soon. Sorry about the issues!


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