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Recabinet 4 is out now. It has all of the features of Recabinet 3, plus the new amp modeling section, Thermionik. The page below is provided for historical reference.

Recabinet 3.5 Introduction Video:

Recabinet is the ultimate speaker cabinet simulator, launched in 2008 as the most comprehensive speaker cabinet impulse response library on the market. Since then, it has become a secret weapon of major artists and producers such as Steve Stevens, Vernon Reid, Devildriver, and Ill Niño.

In 2011, Recabinet 3 was first released as an audio FX plugin, and is now available for VST (32 & 64 bit), AU (32 & 64 bit), AAX (32 & 64 bit), and RTAS (32 bit) formats for Mac OS X and Windows. It offers 20 virtual cabinets, 8 virtual mics, and 2 internal channels with the British-inspired Kazrog Konsole EQ, specifically voiced for making guitar and bass tracks come alive. Best of all, you can blend any cabinet and microphone/position combination with 100% phase coherency – breaking the laws of physics!

In version 3.1.1, Recabinet added Speaker Dynamics modeling, simulating all of the nonlinear behavior of real guitar speakers. This feature has made Recabinet by far the most accurate speaker cabinet simulator in the industry. Recabinet 3.5 adds third party IR import and stereo panning, adding infinite flexibility to Recabinet.

Recabinet 3 Screen Shot:
Recabinet 3 from Kazrog LLC
Audio UnitsAAX Native 64

Recabinet 3 makes it fast and easy to find inspiring new sounds, avoiding the hassle of complex mixer routing and folder navigation associated with impulse response libraries. It also ships with ready-to-rock factory presets, with more on the way from major artists and producers.

Add Recabinet 3 in the signal chain after your favorite analog guitar amp, or your favorite software amp simulator (with cabinet simulation disabled) and you will experience a dramatic improvement in the realism of your guitar tracks. Recabinet 3 changes the proverbial game, giving you album-quality guitar tone direct, faster and easier than ever before.

Audio Clips

Product Details


  • 1960 – based on a Marshall 1960AV 4×12
  • Angora – based on a Line 6 Vetta 4×12
  • Blackface 4×10 – based on a Fender ’65 Super Reverb 4×10
  • Chordal – based on a Roland JC120
  • Damien – based on a Marshall 1936 2×12
  • Dazed – based on a Supro Thunderbolt
  • Eagle – based on an ENGL Pro 4×12
  • Excel – based on a Randall RS412XLT100 4×12
  • Genzie – based on a Genz Benz G-Flex ported 2×12
  • Green – based on an original 1970s Marshall 4×12
  • Igor – based on a Krank Krankenstein 4×12
  • Manatee – based on an Ampeg SVT 8×10
  • Motown – based on an Ampeg Portaflex B15N
  • Ogre – based on a Bogner Uberkab 4×12
  • Oversize – based on a Mesa Standard 4×12
  • Sterling – based on a Marshall Hand Wired 4×12 (late 1960s reissue)
  • Tangerine – based on an Orange 4×12
  • Top Boost – based on a Vox AC30
  • Tweed 1×12 – based on a Fender ’53 Deluxe 1×12
  • Zodiac 2×12 – based on a Selmer Zodiac Twin 30


  • 57 – based on a Shure SM57
  • 545 – based on a Shure Unidyne III 545
  • 121 – based on a Royer 121
  • 409 – based on a Sennheiser MD409
  • 421 – based on a Sennheiser MD421
  • i5 – based on an Audix i5
  • Reference – based on an Earthworks M30
  • U87 – based on a Neumann U87


  • Mac OS X (Mac OS 10.6 or higher required) – VST, AU, AAX (32/64 bit) and RTAS (32 bit) formats.
  • Windows (Windows 7 recommended) – VST, AAX (32/64 bit) and RTAS (32 bit) formats.
  • Full System Requirements.

Pricing and Availability

Reviews and Testimonials

Recabinet has become an indispensable tool for us. Whether we’re on the road with our laptops, at home, or working in the studio, Recabinet makes it possible for us to get studio-quality guitar tones anywhere!
- Michael Spreitzer, Devildriver

We have been recording ‘Lore’ since July 2011 in one of the finest studios in the UK, under renown producer Rupert Matthews, when we ran into the same issues I faced with home recording; that with the amount of orchestration in a typical Splintered Soul track, there was no space left anywhere in the mix for the kind of ballsy metal tone I craved. We exhausted virtually every amp and cab on the planet, including some rare prototypes, almost resigning to the idea that the sound I was after may be unachievable, until I suggested Recabinet. For less than 5% of the price of a good quality guitar cabinet (not including the mics etc.,) Recabinet gave me the tone of my dreams, and had since been exclusively used for all the electric guitars on the record.”
- Chris Frost, Guitarist/Composer/Producer of Splintered Soul

The challenge here is summing up the what a huge and multi-faceted impact that 13mb of software can have on not just a mix or live environment , but the inspirational value it has when inserting it into the same channel as your favorite amp sim and having it bring out huge layers of thick colors to work with. It was very stimulating to experiment with all the available amp sims and hear the tangible difference that Recabinet made in the realism of the tone.
- Tim Carter, Live4Guitar

Most (amp simulators) come with built-in speaker emulations, or you can go a step further and use another plug-in such as Recabinet (my personal favorite) for your cabinet emulations.
- Jay Hale, Seymour Duncan Blog

Recabinet for me is the go-to cabinet simulator when recording and mixing direct guitars and basses. Now with Recabinet 3, it´s even better – you can combine 2 cabinets in one plugin at the same time with a smooth EQ.
- Ronnie Björnström, E.A.P Enhanced Audio Productions
Recording, mixing & mastering engineer. Guitarist of Hate Ammo

If you run a modeling rig, you’ll be blown away by how much added versatility and authenticity you’ll get using Recabinet with your favorite modeler or modelers.
- Jeff Baker, FrugalGuitarist.com

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